The Website Dedicated To Practical Shooting


4 IPSC is the website dedicated to providing the resources and tools to making the introduction to practical shooting sports easier and provide content for the shooting community as a whole.

4 IPSC focuses on providing four different sections of content: 


The rules section provides all the IPSC rules in a bytesize and interactive format for beginners and experienced shooters to use as an alternative reference to the digital and/or paper format that is available on the IPSC website.


The training section provides articles sourced from the community to provide a better understanding of different elements of practical shooting including drills and exercises to improve the potential of beginners and experienced competitors.


The stages section provides a library of IPSC stages which have been designed for many different disciplines. There are a variety of stages which can be used for multiple discipline matches and club training. These stages are sourced by the community, for the community.


The apps section provides utilities and resources to assist with understanding different areas of IPSC and help with different aspects of practical shooting. Each app is focused on ease of access and providing the tools to make practical shooting more accessible to people who are interested.